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Jennifer LaBollita
Jennifer LaBollita
Director, English Learner and World Language Programs
Phone: 781-286-8226 x51361
Twitter: @jlabollita
Chelsey Bencks
Chelsey Bencks
Assistant Director
Erika Garcia
Erika Garcia
Operations Assistant
[email protected]
Welcome to the English Learner and World Language Department! We are proud to serve a diverse community of families and learners who come from almost 60 countries and speak 60 different languages.
We are excited to provide Language Development opportunities  in English, French, Italian and Spanish! English Learners/Multilingual Learners comprise nearly 28% of our student body district-wide and learn English and grade-level content alongside their peers in all 11 schools. Additionally, all High School students have the opportunity to study French, Italian and Spanish from Level 1 all the way to Advanced Placement.
Multilingualism is a wonderful asset to celebrate and develop for all of our students!
Multilingual and Multicultural Showcase
On June 3rd, RPS celebrated its first Multilingual and Multicultural Showcase with the support of the Revere ELPAC and the RPS Family Liaisons. Students from all eleven schools brought artwork, wore costumes, and performed poetry, dance, and songs. This slideshow showcases all of the highlights of the day!
Multicultural Showcase
Multilingual Learner and World Language Department Roster