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Family Liaisons

Revere Public Schools is very excited to introduce you to our team of family liaisons that are ready to assist you.

Our family liaisons are here to promote and provide support for families. As members of our school community, they are fully aware of the challenges that affect our culturally and linguistically diverse families and children in schools. Hence, they believe that promoting strong partnerships between schools and families, through authentic collaboration, is a predicator of student success.

Among other responsibilities, our family liaisons help facilitate parent-school communication, community agency referrals, encourage and promote family engagement in schools, foster trust between families, schools, and the community, and support higher expectations for academic achievement for all students through meaningful collaboration with staff and faculty.

The goal is to work closely with educators to empower parents and families to become active participants in their child's education. Some specific areas our family liaisons can help our parents and families with include:

  • Finding information about school policies, programs/activities, and school resources;
  • Navigating the parent portal to review their children’s grades and attendance;
  • Supporting parents during open houses, teacher parent conferences, ELPAC, SEPAC, special education, 504, EL, PTO and other related meetings;
  • Providing community resources and referral listings;
  • Helping families navigate the educational process for their children;
  • Listening to parents concerns and working collaboratively to overcoming barriers to support students;
  • Collaborating to find ways to solve issues that could hinder a child’s success.