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Culturally Responsive Teaching Walkthrough

Last year, during the months of February and March, practitioners across the district participated in equity walks to collect, gather, and analyze data on Culturally Responsive Teaching strategies and instructional practices in our schools to ensure all students, regardless of race, gender identity and expression, disability and socioeconomic status benefit from a high quality education.


Specifically, the purpose of the District-wide Equity Walk was to:


  • Ensure schools across the district are implementing key diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and related action steps and measures of success, outlined in the District Improvement Plan, School Improvement Plan, and Racial Equity Plan with fidelity, rigor, and relevance.
  • Ensure schools across the district are implementing key findings and recommendations reported in the 2020 Equity Audit with fidelity, rigor, and relevance.

  • Allow practitioners to share with and learn from each other’s experiences by expanding their knowledge base of equitable instructional practices to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment across settings in the district for consistency and sustainability.
  • Sharpen and focus the instructional leadership lens and allow the gathering observational data to confirm or challenge assumptions outlined in our theory of action, district and school improvement goals and action steps through feedback and progress monitoring.

  • Identify and eliminate barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools to build a supportive and inclusive learning environment through asset-based pedagogies that focus on students’ identities (race, culture, gender, language, lived experiences) as strengths to effective teaching and learning.


District and school leaders reviewed and shared key equity walk findings and recommendations with faculty and staff for comment and feedback and will incorporate those into their 2023-2024 school year’s school improvement and racial equity plans.


To view school equity walk findings and recommendations across our district, click below: