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Family Engagement

Families are the most important part of educating our students. In order to give parents all of the tools they need so they can help their child have a positive educational experience, we have provided a list of resources for parents to refer to as they navigate their child’s educational journey.

Please refer to our family engagement policy, listed below, as well as the other resources provided for families.

Family Engagement Policy 
Community support is based on a mutual exchange, a dynamic process in which the district contributes to the community's success and, in turn, benefits from the community's resources. RPS is committed to engaging families in a meaningful way, allowing them to participate fully in their children's education.

Recent Events 
Dr. Kalise Wornum, RPS Families Discuss Becoming a Culturally Proficient Caregiver

Revere Public Schools Assistant Superintendent of Equity and Inclusion Dr. Lourenço Garcia is pleased to announce that a group of caregivers, community members and teachers recently engaged in a discussion on cultural proficiency with well-known speaker Dr. Kalise Wornum of KW Diversity, Inc.

Dr. Wornum, a nationally sought-after keynote speaker, educational leader, workshop facilitator, and author in the area of anti-racist education and cultural proficiency, led the December workshop that emphasized the importance of being open-minded and accepting when it comes to cultural proficiency.

“The minute we start talking to each other, we realize everybody brings something different to the table,” said Dr. Wornum. “If we're trying to be a more equitable school district, we all need to be on the same bus and learn from each other’s experiences, trauma or diversity.”

Family Engagement Night a Success

Over 60 parents and Revere Public Schools’ staff joined together Tuesday night to take part in a Family Engagement Night.
Hosted by RPS’s the evening included presentation from Kristina Peralta, Home for Little Wanders, as well as the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Jacqueline Bagnera and Jessica Berry.
“It was great to see so many faces at the family engagement night; the event was a powerful vehicle to help many immigrant families facing legal and cultural hurdles access necessary resources and information,” said RPS Assistant Superintended Dr. Lourenço Garcia. “Their interest in interacting with the presenters and with each other, while learning about and being exposed to wide-ranging resources and information on how to navigate complex systems for successful integration, was remarkable.”

Other Resources
RPS offers many services to families to help them to stay engaged in their children's' educations . The links below link to a small number of the services we offer to families.
Multilingual Learners and World Language - Resource for parents and students who are either multilingual learners or who are interested in the world language program
Parent Information Center - PIC - For new families to our district
Family Liaisons - Our family liaisons are here to promote and provide support for families.