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 The Mission of the Athletic Department of Revere High School is to provide academic, civic and social expectations.  As a support program to the academic core, Athletics enables students to have experiences whereby they may learn the value and importance of commitment, cooperation, dedication, and hard work.  The development of respect for oneself, for teammates and for opponents will help the student-athlete mature socially.  The overcoming of personal and situational adversities will encourage the growth of self-confidence.  These and other lessons learned through Athletics will enhance the opportunity for students to become healthy, responsible, and productive citizens.

The goal of the Athletic Program is to provide a medium of success, to develop and improve fundamentals and skill levels, and to provide each athlete with the opportunity to participate to the best of their ability.  The Athletic Program is structured so that participants will acquire positive values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership, and, in general have a positive experience with being part of the team.  Participation in athletics, both as a player and as a student-spectator, is an important part of the student’s education experience.  Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, to the team, to the student body, to the community, and to the students themselves.  We believe athletic experiences aid in the development of positive values and attitudes that will help prepare students for adult life in a democratic society. 

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Dear Athletes, Parents, and Caregivers,

In the coming days, you will likely hear that some of our neighboring districts in the Greater Boston League (GBL) will begin tryouts in order to prepare for some in-person athletics after the start of the New Year.  Revere, along with certain (not all) other GBL districts, are not currently in a position to begin our tryout process or to establish formal athletic events during the months of November and December.  Guidance from the MIAA and DESE Commissioner Riley’s office indicates that our district is not yet safe to begin athletics due to our high COVID positivity rates. 

We will continue to monitor all circumstances surrounding the safe return to interscholastic competition for our student athletes, staff, and fans. Our hope and goal remains to fully participate in the delayed seasons identified by the MIAA:  winter sports in January and February; fall sports in March and April, and spring sports in May and June.  However, this return to athletics remains uncertain at this point in time. 

While we acknowledge that this information is disappointing to many in our community, we are obligated to follow medical guidance and to keep everyone safe.  We appreciate your support at this challenging time. We will provide additional updates as circumstances change that enable a safe return to interscholastic activities.


Frank Shea

Mr. Frank Shea

Director of Athletics, Physical Ed. & Health

 After serious deliberation and discussions,  the Greater Boston League has decided to participate in the Fall II season in all Fall Sports (Cross Country, Golf, Girls Volleyball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Football, Competitive Cheer and Unified Basketball). Although this decision was not easy, we agree that safety of our student-athletes and coaches is the most important factor. There were a number of factors also that played into this decision…

  1. Safety of our student-athletes,coaches, and school communities.
  2. The current designation of two of our schools (Everett and Revere)
  3. The limitations with scheduling.
  4. The uncertainty around potential changes in Covid -19.
  5. All GBL schools are currently engaged in Remote Learning.
  6. The ability to provide a “true” interscholastic athletic experience with the current guidelines in place for individual sports.
  7. The potential of providing a “true” interscholastic athletic experience during the Fall II season
  8. The ability to provide our students with supervised and controlled opportunities to participate in outdoor activities, in our own communities, to provide an outlet for our students.

Like everyone, we are saddened that our students will not be able to participate in the traditional fall season, but optimistic that the Fall II season will be a success. Now more than ever, the MIAA has afforded member schools with as much flexibility as possible to provide an athletic experience for our students. We will continue to meet with our students and provide support and encouragement during this confusing and difficult time.

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