First Annual Women's Forum

Dear Friends,
On March 28th, I had the pleasure of taking part in the Abraham Lincoln School's First Annual Women's Forum. I was joined on stage by some incredibly inspiring women, like Revere Fire Lieutenant Erin Leary, State Rep. Jessica Giannino, Attorney Nedhi Teixeira, President of Pride Motor Group Suzanne Iovanna, Orthopedic Physician Assistant Jenn Steele, RPD Captain Amy O'Hara, and School Committee Co-Chair Jacqueline Monterroso.
Throughout the event, we answered poignant questions from Lincoln students about our roles in education, public safety, and commerce. We also had a chance to reflect on the individual hurdles that got us to where we are today. 
Each March, our schools take the opportunity to honor and recognize the achievements women have made in social, economic, cultural, and political spheres around the world.
Please take some time to watch the forum or our tribute to Women's History Month by clicking the button below. 
Dianne K. Kelly, Ed.D.
Revere Public Schools