Incident at the Garfield Middle School

Dear RPS Families, Staff, & Students


I am writing to make you aware that, this morning, a Garfield Middle School student made a false 9-1-1 call that stated that there was a threat inside of the Garfield Complex. The Revere Police Department (RPD) responded immediately to the school. Upon the advice of RPD personnel, principals King and Napier quickly entered into a “Lockdown.”  

The RPD was quickly able to determine that the call was false and that there was no threat of any kind to any student or staff member in the complex. Principals King and Napier moved from a “Lockdown” to a “Hold,” keeping students and staff in their respective classrooms until they wrapped up their investigation. The administrators were then able to identify the student who made the false call.

We are incredibly grateful to our partners at the RPD for their swift, thorough, and supportive response to this false threat. As a district, we treat any threat as real until police personnel are able to confirm otherwise. Thank you to both administrations for all of their hard work and diligence in keeping our school communities safe. 

While this letter is going out to all RPS staff and families, Dr. Napier and Mr. King will be following up with more detailed information to Garfield families (only) later in the day.


Best regards,

Richard Gallucci, Ph.D.

Assistant Superintendent

Revere Public Schools