Secretary Tutwiler and Commissioner Riley visit City Lab High School in Revere

As part of Massachusetts STEM Week, State Education Secretary Patrick Tutwiler and Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeff Riley paid a visit to CityLab Innovation High School in Revere on Thursday, Oct. 19, to talk about the school’s New Clean Energy Pilot Grant.

“Whether it’s an Environmental and Life Sciences pathway like the one we saw today at CityLab High School or the clean energy pathway that they are planning, we are so thrilled to see how these programs are inspiring students to ‘See Themselves in STEM’ by providing them with applied learning experiences in high-demand STEM industries,” said Secretary of Education Dr. Patrick Tutwiler. “By the end of STEM Week, we want students across the Commonwealth to know about programs like Innovation Career Pathways that provide opportunities for students to gain experience in booming STEM fields.” 

Launched in 2022, CityLab is the city’s new innovation public high school that empowers the next generation of young innovators in Revere who will impact their communities and the world through art, design and technology.

“It was a pleasure to visit CityLab and see innovative programs that are designed to grab students’ interest and show them a path to their future,” said Commissioner Riley. “I’m grateful to the students and educators who took time to share their work with us during STEM week.”

Revere Public Schools was awarded a $25,000 New Clean Energy Pilot Grant in fall 2023 and a $75,000 Innovation Career Pathways Implementation Grant to support its existing Environmental and Life Sciences pathway. RPS is using these funds to develop and map out curriculum, pursue partnerships with higher education institutions, like Roxbury Community College, and explore internship possibilities, project opportunities and more.

“The work that Principal Dr. Stacey Mulligan and the staff at CityLab have done to transform how we “do school” in Revere is amazing,” said Revere Public School Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly. “We’ve known for a long time that traditional models of K-12 education work for some students but definitely not for others.  The CityLab Innovation School is one example of how we are leading the way to do education differently in Revere.  CityLab is a model for our deeper learning and student-centered approaches that give all students access to rigorous curricula.  We are very proud of the students, staff, and families at CityLab.”

Dr. Mulligan added, “I think the kids are amazing and they are ready for the future. They are really leading the way for us. This has been an easy transition (from Seacoast) because the families and the city of Revere really got behind us 1,000 percent. It was time for a change and the kids are really showing us that change was needed. It's hard work but it's easy work when you know you're making a difference and the kids are happy. It's nice to come to work every day with kids that want to be here.”

During the visit, students demonstrated their skills and knowledge learned in their videography and photography exploratory studio with the help of Artist for Humanity.

The Secretary and Commissioner also dropped into a lesson on “How to Use a Micropipette," followed by an electrophoresis activity being conducted by students in partnership with Digital Ready and Mass Bio Ed.

“It was great to visit the Revere City Lab High School for their STEM Week announcement of a new clean energy innovation pathway program with Secretary Tutwiler and Commissioner Riley,” said State Representative Jessica Giannino. “It is such a great opportunity for Revere’s students to have access to programs and resources like this in our community.”

Also joining the Secretary and Commissioner on the visit were Deputy Commissioner Regina Robinson, Associate Commissioner Elizabeth Bennett, Associate Commissioner Erin Hashimoto-Martell and Acting Revere Mayor Patrick Keefe.

"Career pathways for Revere High students are crucial for shaping a bright and promising future for our community,” said Mayor Keefe. “By providing our students with targeted opportunities to explore their interests and gain real-world experience, we are not just preparing them for successful careers but also strengthening the foundation of our city's growth and prosperity. These pathways are the key to unlocking the potential of our youth and ensuring a strong, vibrant future for Revere."

The CityLab High School aims to reimagine the high school experience by utilizing the city as a lab for learning. This bold new model of learning seeks to ignite students’ passions, equip them with the skills and competencies necessary to navigate a complex, technology-driven world and support students in finding their purpose and passions. Together, in partnership with the community, we aspire to empower the next generation of young innovators who will impact their communities through design and technology.

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