Helpful Sites

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Helpful Sites

What's the website? How does my child log in?
Try this: Tips to Access Educational Technology At Home


Sites used at school

Lexia Core 5 icon

Kindergarten to Grade 5: Language arts and reading

ST math gigi image

ST Math
Kindergarten to Grade 5: Math program

Achieve3000 icon

Grades 3 – 5: Students read articles and answer questions

Pearson Realize icon

Pearson Realize
Kindergarten - Grade 5: Math and reading program

Footsteps to Brilliance icon

Footsteps 2 Brilliance
Kindergarten - Grade 1 Literacy program

Starfall icon

Kindergarten to Grade 2: Students can practice alphabet letters, words and stories

ABCya icon

Kindergarten to Grade 5: Language arts and math activities

Prodigy game icon

Grades 1-5 by classroom: Math


Additional Resources
16 juegos para aprender sobre matemáticas, ciencia y tecnología
Math activities for K – 5
Science activities for K – 5
ELA resources for K-5 
Grade 3 to adult: This site has vocabulary, math, geography, and other subjects
Illustrated Common Core Math page with examples of standards and sample problems for all grade levels
Sample Word Problems for different grade levels

Futures Channel- Videos and Activities

K-5 Math Resources

Beacon Learning Center
Level 2 (grades 3-5):

Level 3 (grades 6-8):

Math Live

Illuminations: NCTM

BBC Bitesize maths