Food Pantry

Each month, the Paul Revere School hosts a food pantry with the Greater Boston Food Bank. All families in the school community are invited to receive a variety of food, from fresh fruits and vegetables to milk, bread, soup, crackers and cereal. 


June Food Boxes will include: 

Vanilla yogurt
American cheese
Canned tuna
Chicken noodle soup
Spaghetti sauce
Long grain rice
Diced pear cups
Peanut butter
Spaghetti pasta
Mac & cheese
Canned chicken
Canned carrots
Kidney beans
Canned green beans
Ground turkey

Hand sanitizer


Special Information for June Delivery

Food Pantry will be held at PAUL REVERE from on Thursday, June 3. Pick up is from 11-12. Please note the time. 

All food will be bagged ahead of time. Here are the procedures for the Food Pantry:



  • Drivers should enter the parking lot from Della Russo Way and form a line alongside the school. Drivers need to STAY IN THEIR CARS. We ask that only drivers be in the cars, and no one can be in the back seat.
  • Volunteers will place orders in your trunks. PLEASE OPEN YOUR TRUNKS FROM INSIDE YOUR CAR. If you cannot open your trunk from inside your car, a volunteer will place your bag in your back seat. 


  • Walkers should enter the school yard from Della Russo Way and form a line at the gate by the cafeteria. YOU MUST STAND AT LEAST 6 FEET APART AND WEAR A MASK.




Have you seen what the food pantry does? Watch our story here


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