Student Services (Quagenti, Blenk)

Last Updated: 6/1/2021 4:11 PM


Dear students and families,
I hope you are well. Please consider the resources below.

Familiar classroom resources - Lexia & ST Math (student 5-digit code) (student 5-digit code)

Additional Online Resources (Math - create student account, Gr1 code E999E6 // Gr 2 code162775, contact me if you need support) (Language & Math - contact me for log in if needed)​    (Literacy - free sign up)

Students can answer 10 questions daily free, skill of your choice. I also created accounts for my students, please email me if you would like their username and password.

If these resources are feeling like a lot of screen time for your family I encourage you to read together, notice patterns, explore your surroundings, and work on the math skills that are part of daily life such as counting objects, money and time!

I am available at as well as on class dojo for any questions and support.

-Ms Blenk



Dear parents and students,

I hope you are well.  Here are some links and recommendations for you to keep up with your basic academic skills.  

For Multiplication/division - worksheet maker for timed practice;

For Reading Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Writing:
Pearson Realize - fresh reads

For phonics encoding and decoding:

I am available through school email, gmail, and classdojo if you have a questions or need some help with a skill.
Thank you and be well,
 Ms. Quagenti


Grade 3-4 Phonics Practice

Grades 3-5 – Pearson Realize Reading

Grades 3-5 – LexiaCore5