Occupational Therapy 
Ms. Blaikie             jeblaikie@reverek12.org

Here are some creative ideas to keep yourself busy!

  • Play Dough:
    • Roll play dough into a log, a ball, or a cube
    • Make letters out of play dough
    • Hide small beads or coins in the play dough and practice finding them
    • Look up homemade playdough and slime recipes
  • Alphabet, Printing:
    • Practice writing legibly (good sizing, good  spacing and appropriate formation)
    • If you are feeling ambitious google how to write cursive!
    • Use various tools (crayons, chalk, pens etc.)
    • Practice drawing or copying shapes
    • Complete some word searches or connect the dot activities
  • Scissors (With Adult Supervision)
    • Practice safely positioning scissors in your hands
    • Practice cutting along straight lines and curvy lines
    • Practice cutting out simple shapes
    • Look up simple paper crafts to complete on your own
  • Self-Help
    • Practice buttons, zippers, snaps and shoe tying
    • Practice opening containers, snacks, and juice bottles
    • Practice putting on/ taking off your jacket, sweatshirts, and backpack
    • Practice helping out around the house: clean up your toys, help out with cooking, swee
    • Practice brushing your hair & teeth
    • Practice cooking (with an adult)
    • Look up simple art projects to complete with an adult!
  • Exercise
    • Do some Yoga
    • Try some Animal Walks
    • Play catch or tag with a friend