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Revere Public Schools Residency Policy


The Revere School Committee adopts the following policy regarding the residency and admission of students. The Revere Public Schools is committed to ensuring that all its policies reflect equal treatment regardless of race, color, national origin, religious creed, sex, criminal record, or disability.

RESIDENCY POLICY In order to attend the Revere Public Schools a student must actually reside in the City of Revere. The residence of a minor child is ordinarily presumed to be the legal residence of the parent or legal guardian who has physical custody of the child. A student’s actual residence is considered to be the place where he or she lives permanently. In determining residency, the RPS retains the right to require the production of a variety of records and documentation and to investigate where a student actually resides.

A determination that a student does not actually reside in the City of Revere renders the student ineligible to enroll in the Revere Public Schools or, if the student is already enrolled in the RPS, his/her enrollment shall be terminated. As described, within, a determination of non-residency by RPS may be appealed by the student’s parent or guardian or by the student, if he/she is 18 or over.

The Revere Public Schools will publish information regarding the residency investigation process in the student handbook and post the policy on the RPS Webpage.

I. Procedures for Determining Residency A. Pre-Enrollment Verification of Residency Before any student is enrolled in the RPS, his/her parent or legal guardian must provide: 1. A signed “Revere Public Schools Affidavit of Residency” (see attached) 2. Proof of residency in the City of Revere (3 documents)

The parent/guardian of every student seeking enrollment in RPS must submit to RPS documentation establishing (A) Residency, (B) Occupancy, and (C) the parent/guardian’s identity. More particularly, the parent/guardian must submit a document from each of the columns, below. A parent or guardian who is unable to produce the required documents should contact the Supervisor of Attendance (“the Supervisor”).

Column A Evidence   of Residency Column B Evidence   of Occupancy Column C Evidence   of Parent/Guardian Identity
Record of recent mortgage payment and/or property tax bill Recent bill, dated within the past 60 days, showing a City of Revere address (with name):


  •   Excise Tax Bill
  •   Gas Bill
  •   Oil Bill
  •   Electric Bill
  •   Home Telephone Bill(not cell phone)
  •   Cable Bill
Valid Driver’s License
Copy of lease and record of recent rental payment   Valid MA Photo ID Card
RPS Landlord Affidavit and recent rental payment   Passport/Green Card
Current Section 8 Agreement    

The principal and/or his/her designee shall verify the home address and home telephone number of each student at least once during the school year.



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