North Shore Science League

In the RHS Chorus, members will learn to use their voices to master a variety of musical styles, potentially performing at both school and community events.

Participants in the North Shore Science League compete with students from twenty-five local high schools in events that challenge students to apply their knowledge of biological, chemical, physical and earth sciences. Events are designed so thatstudents of all grades, abilities and interests can compete.

Dance Team

Patriot Newspaper

The Dance Team provides an alternative and engaging after-school activity for the students of Revere High School .  To help the participating students build confidence and character and to provide a place for students to showcase their talents.
Advisor: Mr. Tany Ban

The RHS Patriot newspaper is the official student voice at RHS. The Patriot staff learns and applies journalistic skills and production techniques to publish a print version several times each year. Plans are in the works to publish a web version of the school paper in the near future.
Advisor: Mrs. Debra Colbert-White

Future Teachers Club of Revere

Power of Know

The Future Teacher Club assists high school students in exploring teaching as a career choice. The Club provides a realistic understanding of teaching and encourages students from diverse backgrounds to think seriously about the teaching profession.  Its mission is twofold:

– To provide high school students with an opportunity to participate in an educational experience that will help them to explore the teaching profession in a variety of ways and to help students develop the strong leadership traits that are found in high-quality educators. 

– To provide middle school students with an educational and mentoring experience that will help them to successfully make the transition from middle school to high school.
Advisor: Ms. Nancy Barile

The Power of Know is a group of student leaders dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use. The club strives to get students more involved in school activities as healthy alternatives to destructive behaviors.
Advisor: Mr. Michael Bonanno

Health Professions Club


Students interested in medicine, nursing, clinical laboratory careers, dentistry, physical therapy, and all other health careers will meet to learn about training and college programs, to hear speakers, and to set up service and job shadowing opportunities.
Advisor: Ms. Porter (room C-8)

RAD/RALLY provides all students with a safe environment free from harassment based on religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender expression. The club sponsors anti-discrimination workshops, after school open house and movies, and community fundraising activities such as the AIDS walk and the Breast Cancer Walk. Members also actively celebrate events recognizing student diversity.
Advisor: Allison Giordano

Interact Club

Revere Culture Club

The Interact Club is a Junior Rotary Club whose mission is to improve our community and help people. Members work with neighborhood seniors, shelters for women and children, and participate in the Columbus Day Parade, Coastsweep and Job Shadowing activities as well as other community service.
Advisor: Mary Porter
Advisor: Antonietta Fierro

The Revere Culture Club is open to all students who wish to share in culture and explore issues of multiculturalism. The Club will produce welcoming dvds for new students in several different languages, publish multi-language newsletters, provide peer mentoring, assist with immigration issues, and help with college and job searches. Members of the Club will attend field trips in Boston , appear on cable television, and take part in multicultural events.
Advisor: Ms. Nancy Barile


Rock Ensemble

RHS Connect

The Rock Ensemble is a chance for RHS students to share and develop their musical talents by learning to perform some of the best rock
Advisor: Mr. Alec Waugh

RHS Connect is an organized group of students dedicated to improving the everyday life at Revere High School .  The group also works on fundraising for community outreach.
Advisor: Ms. Elizabeth Mirasolo

Key Club

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

The Key Club is a service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis. This international club offers students a chance to develop leadership skills while serving the local community. The club meets twice per month on Thursdays. Service opportunities include sponsoring a blood drive, hosting a Christmas party for special needs adults, and participating with other local service events. Students from Freshmen to Senior year are invited to participate in the Key Club.Advisor: TBD

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica capítulo Las madres de la plaza de mayo was founded at RHS in 2006 and inducted its first class in May of that same year.  The purpose of the Society is to recognize high achievement in Spanish and Portuguese by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian studies
Advisor: TBD

The Media Club

Speech & Debate Team

Club Purpose and Description:

The Media Club supports students as twenty-first century communicators, artists, and contributing members of the school and the community. At weekly meetings, students learn about the production process and develop proficiency with technology as they explore the art and craft of constructing stories and messages using digital and traditional tools.

Student projects take a variety of forms, including public service announcements that raise awareness of activities and events in our school and community, short documentaries that explore local issues, and mini-films that dramatize the human experience. Students are encouraged to participate in local, regional, and national student video contests. In 2013, Media Club members won first place in both a regional and a national student video contest.

Club Moderators: Paul Amato, Rachel Bouhanda, Mary Ellen Dakin

Speech and Debate is a public speaking and performance related activity. Members compete in Massachusetts Forensic League tournaments in Speech events such as Prose Reading, Children’s Literature, Humorous Interpretation, Student Congress, Poetry Reading and Group Discussion. Debate events include Lincoln-Douglas debate and Public Forum team debate.
Advisor: Mr. Mark Fellowes

Model U.N.

Technology Club

Participants in Model UN take the roles of diplomats from various nations around the world as they work to solve real world problems using the techniques and procedures used in the United Nations itself.

The Model UN is an opportunity for students at RHS to engage with current events while building skills of cooperation, competition and public speaking that can serve useful in a variety of ways in the future.
Advisor: Mr. Mark Fellowes

The Technology Club is a place for students to learn and share about the latest technologies, including computers and robotics. Some of the presentations are put together and led by students.
Advisor: Mr. David Kaufman
Advisor: Mr. Christopher Adams

National Honor Society

Yearbook – "The Lantern"

The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes and fosters academic achievement. Students may become eligible for NHS induction by attaining a 3.84 GPA by junior year. NHS has helped in decorating the RHS courtyard, sponsored Literacy Night and Math Night, and worked with seniors and a battered women’s shelter as part of their service to the community in recent years.
Advisor: Cheryl Szymanski
Advisor: George Hannah

Advisor: Antonio Cinelli