Family/Community Leadership Coordinator-Job Description Primary-Duties and Responsibilities

Position Overview 

Serves as the liaison between schools and parents, relaying the needs of one to the other; educates teachers and staff on how to communicate and work effectively with parents as equal partners; advises and trains parents on how to address issues with the leadership staff in school meetings; serves as a school-based intermediary contact for concerns and comments made by parents and community members; provides referrals to community-based services for families; expands opportunities for continued learning, voluntary community service, and civic participation; develops community collaborations; promotes sharing of power with parents as decision-makers; helps parents understand the educational system so they can become better advocates for their children’s education. 



• Must be a Revere resident with at least one child in the Revere Public Schools and authorized to work in the US throughout employment in this position

• Believes that all students can, will, and must learn 

• Works relentlessly to achieve results for students and families and takes ownership of outcomes 

• Is passionate about RPS mission, values and student-centered learning vision

• Is committed to students’ personal growth, and understands their backgrounds and experiences 

• Constantly reflects, relishes feedback, and seeks opportunities to improve; sets ambitious goals

• Remains poised, persistent, and solution-oriented in the face of unexpected challenges 

• Skillfully manages multiple (and sometimes competing) priorities 

• Demonstrates ability to implement complex projects with exceptional attention to detail and flawless execution 

• Interacts effectively with families/parents from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds 

• Has the ability to communicate in another language, preferably Spanish 

• Fosters collaboration and models team orientation 

• Brings humor and positivity to the schools and organization 

• Proactively communicates with students, families, colleagues, and the community in a straightforward, open, and personable manner 

• Understands the challenges of urban environments 

• Has experience in community organizing, public relations or related fields; degree preferred. 



• Computer skills including word processing, data analysis, and presentation programs

• Basic math as well as effective verbal and written communication



Lead and oversee families and community partnerships 

• Establish school as community “hub,” forging and maintaining community partnerships

• Build organization awareness at the family, community and potentially political level

• Lead regular family and community meetings to discuss school priorities, seek feedback, and foster authentic dialogue and trusting relationships

• Oversee any training or educational programs for parents

Provide data-driven supports to students, staff, families and community

• Identify community needs and share them with schools for School Improvement Planning

• Develop and implement community engagement actions plans based on survey data

Contribute to school structures and systems

• Lead and support ongoing school improvement projects or other strategic initiatives

• Is flexible and willing to carry out other responsibilities as determined by the Superintendent or designee

• Attends School-based PTO/PTA meetings



​Deliver or send cover letter and resume by Monday, August 12th to:

Revere Public Schools

Superintendent’s Office 

101 School Street

Revere, MA 02151

Attn:  Rosanna Digitale