Nutrition Programs

Wellness Lesson of the Month
Each month, students are encouraged to stay healthy by forming good habits. The eye-catching and age relevant posters for our elementary and secondary schools include themes such as: eating a variety of fruits and veggies, staying active, getting enough sleep, starting with a good breakfast, and drinking enough water.

Healthy Bites: Sampling Program
The Healthy Bites program allows students to try a taste of our menu. Each week, students are offered the opportunity to sample featured foods that align with key wellness topics. The program offerings differ slightly between elementary and secondary students and precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all students.

Just for Elementary Kids
Our ACE nutrition mascot program is an interactive approach to educate elementary students about healthy eating. ACE and his friends help students understand how eating right and staying fit contribute to good health and achievement in academics and other activities. ACE and his friends convey a three-part Stay Healthy message to elementary students: Eat right! Get plenty of sleep! Exercise every day!

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