Our Wellness Pledge

The Healthy For Life™ Promise is our commitment to improve the health and academic potential of our students and children. Our promise consists of four pledges: 

Pledge #1
Provide a Wide Variety of Nutritious Foods

Healthy For Life™ features food and menus that meet or exceed federally mandated nutrition guidelines and include great-tasting, student-pleasing foods. Under the program, our menus include foods that are nutrient rich, high quality, safe, and environmentally responsible.

Pledge #2 
Teach Students to Make Healthy Choices

The Healthy For Life™ program features tools to teach children about making healthy choices. Easy and fun to implement, the educational components of the program enable teachers, administrators, parents, and food service providers to aid our children in taking small steps each day toward a lifetime of good health. We utilize a variety of tools, including our: Menu, Wellness Posters, Healthy Bites Sampling, ACE the Nutrition Mascot, Healthy For Life™ Newsletters, and other student and parent nutrition education materials.

Pledge #3 
Create Appealing and Healthy Eating Environments

We have created dynamic, age-appropriate dining environments to aid in healthy meal selection, excite students, and increase the number of students wanting to participate.

Pledge #4

Build Healthy Resources for the Community
The Healthy For Life™ program is rounded in fundamentals like menus, environments, and nutrition education. The program also focuses on building resources to engage, enable, and encourage students.