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Parent and Information Center

Revere Parent Information Center: REGISTRATION
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At this time, registrations may be done online (Please scroll down to registration forms for grade k and grades 1-12) or by appointment only from 8 am-1 pm., Monday- Thursday. ( PIC is closed on Fridays during July )

Please call 781-485-8453 to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

A facemask or covering is required to enter the PIC and register your child.

Parent Information Summer Hours:
Monday- Thursday: 7:30 – 2 pm. (During month of July)
At the time of your registration appointment, please have the following documents with you.

1. Completed registration packet
2. Birth certificate
3. Immunizations, (most recent Physical including Lead result & TB result)
4. Proofs of Address:
One recent utility bill, such as excise tax bill, oil bill, electric bill, cable bill, home phone bill, (Not cell phone)
Most recent mortgage payment/property tax bill or
Current lease or Affidavit signed and notarized by the owner of the house
Parent’s Photo ID
5. School transcripts (Grades, Attendance and IEP/504 Plan if applicable for Grades 1-5)
6. For Grades 6-12 Transcripts, IEP/504 Plan and Discipline Records are required

You  may be eligible for SNAP! (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

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Parent Information Center - 781-485-8453


Albert Mogavero

PIC Director

Anita Quevillon

PIC Office Manager

Erika Garcia

Enrollment Staff

Maria Speziale

Enrollment Staff

Djamila Mezrouh

Enrollment Staff

Keila Vieira

Enrollment Staff

Doug Goodwin 

Residency/Attendance/Homeless Supervisor

Nicholas Maglione

Residency Officer

Shane Johnson

SNAP/Community Outreach

New Student Registration

Kindergarten Registration Information  Packet 2020

Kindergarten Registration Forms - English

Kindergarten Registration Forms - Español

Kindergarten Registration Forms - Português

Kindergarten Registration Forms - عربى


New Student Information Packet Grades 1-12

Grades 1-12 Registration Forms

You may be eligible for SNAP
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