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We are pleased to announce the SBA 2018-2019 ASPIRER Candidates. The ASPIRER Club is comprised of the top 10% of the 8th grade class, and candidates will complete community service projects before taking the ASPIRER’s pledge at the induction ceremony in June.

Congratulations to: Hana Aklog, Bryan Alarcon, Imane Areslan, Condredge Currie, Kyra Delaney, Melisa Devedzic, Francesca Forcellati, Nahomy Galvez, Raphael Genares,
Douglas Goodwin, Karen Mancia, Elizabeth Messina, Lina Navarro, Au Hai Nguyen, Mindy Nguyen, Sophia Perno, Yaron Ramirez, Gavin Rua, Daniela Santos, Jason Shosho, Giavanna Smith, Kathleen Umana, Nicole Uribe Lopez, & Ryan Willett. #sbapride

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