Dismissal & Attendance Policies

Last Updated: 8/21/2019 6:44 PM

     Massachusetts General Law Chapter 76, Section 2 states that it is the duty of parents/guardians to assure that children attend school regularly. The statute defines regularly as no more than 7 absences of any kind in any six-month period. The Revere Public Schools recognizes the importance of attendance and its correlation to academic success.

     Parents can always check the current status of their child’s attendance and grades in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
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Person with calendar and clock Absences:

     Students not in attendance from school MORE THAN FIVE (5) DAYS in the quarter will fail. Students receiving an FA (failure due to absences) will be given an average of 59 for the term for any course average greater than 59%. Similarly, students not in attendance more than twenty-four (24) in a year-long course will receive an FA (59%) for all course averages greater than 59%, may be excluded from participating in year-end activities, and may be considered for retention.


     Students who are not in attendance or excessively not in attendance from a class will receive a failing mark in that class if the amount of class time missed exceeds five (5) class periods in a term.

Extenuating circumstances may be considered when presented to the administration on the day of return.

Clarification of Excused Absence Policy

A. Absences are excused for the following reasons:

  1. Death in the family

  2. Mandated court appearance as either a victim or a witness

  3. Observance of DESE religious holidays

B. Generally, medical reasons are not excused absences. The first day of consecutive absences is never excused.

Medical reasons are not excused absences. If a student has a doctor’s note for two or more consecutive days, this may be considered by the principal as one incident and therefore as an absence of one day.
All medical documentation for absences must be timely in nature and submitted within ten (10) days of a student's return to school. All work must be made up to the satisfaction of the individual teachers involved.

If a student is not in attendance, parents MUST report the absence and the reason by calling GMS before 9:00 a.m. at (781) 286-8298

                                            9 am clock

     Students not in attendance from school may not be eligible to participate in any after-school activity on the day of the absence, at the discretion of the principal. Excessive absences may be reported to the attendance officer for further action, which may include but not be limited to intervention by the Department of Social Services.

     Students not in attendance three (3) or more days in succession will not be admitted without clearance by the school nurse.

     Whenever a student is not in attendance, s/he must, upon returning to school, submit a written note signed by the parent/guardian, who may use the format below as a guideline for absence notes.

EXAMPLE of Written Note:

Example of Absent Note

Students are entirely responsible for making up work missed during their absences. Students must make up work on the teacher’s department night or at some other pre-arranged time. Students have two (2) weeks from the closing of marks to make up incomplete work. If students fail to meet the requisites, teachers have no alternative but to record zeroes for the work assigned on days of absence.

     Perfect attendance denotes being in school every minute of every school day. Perfect attendance constitutes not being tardy, absent, or dismissed for the entire term.

Clock with the word Late in it TARDINESS:

     Promptness to school and to each individual class is very important! PERIOD ATTENDANCE IS TAKEN BY TEACHERS. Teacher has the ability to assign various consequences to frequent tardiness.

Person leaving through door DISMISSAL:

     A pupil who is to be dismissed from school should go to the main office before 7:50 a.m. to present a written request for dismissal. The pupil will not be dismissed until the parent/guardian/emergency contact arrives at the office to meet the student. Students cannot be dismissed by telephone.

                             Identification will be requiredID Card with Checkmark

     Students dismissed prior to 11:00 AM will be marked as AV (absence verified). These absences apply toward the maximum of five allowed absences per term.

The Revere Public Schools acknowledges that excessive tardies and excessive dismissals have a negative impact on student achievement. The principal, in consultation with the Superintendent, may retain a student or assign failing academic grades due to excessive tardy and/or excessive dismissal rates.